15 Amazing Kitchen Storage Solutions


Whether you have a classic or contemporary kitchen, finding good, discreet and innovative kitchen storage solutions can be the difference between a good kitchen and a great kitchen. Out of all the rooms in the house, it is easiest to clutter up the kitchen. We have so many different things in one room that we use that it’s nearly impossible to find a home for everything. Well, here at Hewitt Interiors, we are here to help. We have found some amazing kitchen storage tips to really help keep your kitchen looking clean and tidy. We understand how hard this can be, but with these kitchen storage solutions, you’ll be able to not only create more countertop space but also maximise your kitchen’s potential.


Over the sink

Thanks to washing up and kitchen utensils, the kitchen sink is often a very crowded area and overlooked as a possible kitchen storage solution. Many of us simply leave this space bare but with an over the sink shelf you can add a fantastic storage area that’s not only useful, but also adds a great decorative touch to a normally boring area.


Box it up

Possibly a more obvious one but still not to be overlooked, finding a great storage box to use on display can add both a rustic and contemporary style to your kitchen. For example, straw or old wooden boxes not only store your items but also suit the farmhouse style of kitchen perfectly.


Hanging Baskets

Hanging baskets are a fantastic way of finding some new and unique kitchen storage. They offer an elegant and charming way of holding anything, from spices to appliances. Whether used dangling off a shelf or on a feature wall, they perfectly balance function with fashion.


Shower Caddy

Shower Caddy’s work just as well in the kitchen as they do in the bathroom. You can buy similar products that are designed specifically for a kitchen, but these are often exactly the same and more expensive. A caddy is a truly great way of storing fruit, vegetables and spices.


Corner Shelves

A well-fitted corner shelf is a fantastic way of creating kitchen storage space where you may not have thought possible. Not only this, but it can also double up as a feature by adding some flower and herb pots.


Narrow space

Your kitchen might actually have space where you think there isn’t any. For example, many of us have a gap between the fridge and wall. Usually narrow, but not too narrow to fit a sliding door big enough to easily hold a large amount herbs, spices and plates. A truly ingenious way of storing things away and out of sight.


Magnetic Strips

Magnetic strips are a great new way of adding an easy and simple kitchen storage solution. Thanks to their versatility they can fit anywhere in the kitchen and are a great way of displaying your pots, pans and knives.


Vertical storage

A lot of the time you can actually store more items if you line them up vertically. Getting a rack that can do this for you is a fantastic way of utilising the amount of kitchen storage space you have. You can also use this method to store your knives in a knife block hidden away. Not only does this save you space but it can also help keep your sharp objects away from any children or pets.


Toe-kick draws

There is often a lot of space between the floor and the bottom of our cupboards. Usually unused, this area can be a great way of creating some new kitchen storage for anything from cooking equipment to plates and dishes.


Drawer Organisers

This might sound pretty obvious, but many of us are guilty of having a drawer organiser that doesn’t really fit our draw properly. If there is empty space either side then you are losing out on important storage space. By measuring the dimensions of your draw you could always make one yourself, that way you know you are using up all the possible space you have.


Door storage

Every cupboard door in a kitchen can easily double up as a discreet and clever way of storing items away. By simply attaching a caddy type of item to the inside, your cupboard door can then become a kitchen storage solution itself.


Everything but the Kitchen Sink

Many of us are guilty of forgetting about the space below our sink. We might put a couple of cleaning bottles down there, but because of the pipes in the way we don’t really think about utilising what can be done there. A custom or shop built organiser placed under your sink is a brilliant way of storing away cleaning products and utensils. You may just be surprised at how much you can fit under there.


Hook it up

If you are particularly proud of your pots and pans then by attaching hooks, either on a wall or on the inside of a cupboard door, you can not only store these efficiently, but also make them into a feature. For example, brass pans really suit a wooden and rustic style of kitchen.


Baking Rack

Keeping your baking equipment together saves you both time and space. An ingenious way of storing these items, such as measuring cups, is by hanging them on hooks on the inside of a cupboard door. It’s discreet, handy and useful as you can then label each hook so each item has its own place.



Bookcases look just as at home in the kitchen as they do in any room of the house. Often a cheaper option than getting a large shelving unit, it’s worth looking at getting a second-hand one. A beaten and warn bookcase, picked up cheap, can really deliver that classic rustic kitchen storage style.