Siemens have always been at the forefront of kitchen appliance design. Boasting decades of unrivalled creations, Siemens have an impressive amount of experience and knowledge when it comes to innovative ideas. They are able to design products that not only take work off your hands but also inspire you to experiment with food. Thanks to their innovative designs, you can not only enjoy cooking and baking, but fall in love with it all over again. With the perfect blend of simplicity and intelligence, their designers build appliances that both impress and excite. Not only is the performance of each appliance exceptional but so is the style. High-end materials and alluring appeal, Siemens award winning designs will delight and surprise you every day.


Please find below a brief description of what we have in our exclusive showroom right now.



Product Number – SN678D10TG

Touch to open Dishwasher


The Siemens touch to open Dishwasher is not only incredibly efficient, boasting an energy efficiency class of A++, but also is up to 66% faster at washing and drying your dishes. It comes packed with fantastic features, such as; flexible loading, handle-free option, dosage assist, auto programme and emotionLight which illuminates the entire interior of the dishwasher.



Specifications –


Width – 598 mm

Height – 815 mm

Installation type- Built-in

Number of place settings – 14

Water consumption – 9.5 l

Energy efficiency – A++: very efficient

Home Connect

List of programmes – Auto, Economy, Glass, night program, Pre-Rinse, Quick wash

Additional operational options – Extra dry, half load, HygienePlus, Intensive Zone, VarioSpeedPlus

Digital countdown indicator

Noise level – 41 dB

3rd Rackvario – Drawer Pro

Interior light

Removable work top

Length of electrical supply cord – 175 cm

Length outlet hose – 190.0 cm

14 place settings with varioDrawer on 3rd level

Energy consumption in Eco 50 programme – 266 kWh per year, based on 280 standard cleaning cycles

Water consumption in Eco 50 programme – 2660 litres per year, based on 280 standard cleaning cycles

Programme time in Eco 50 programme – 195 minutes

A rated performance for washing and A for drying

Noise level dB (A) re 1pW – 41 dB

Energy consumption in Eco 50 programme – 0.93 kWh

Water consumption in Eco 50 programme – 9.5 litres

Energy consumption when connected to hot water in Eco 50 programme – 0.6 kwh

Power consumption off-mode / left-on mode – 0.5 W / 0.5 W

Duration of the left-on mode – 0 minutes

8 programmes – Auto 35-45 °C, Auto 45-65 °C,Auto 65-75 °C, Eco 50 °C,

Night Program 50 °C, Glass 40 °C, Quick Wash 45 °C, Pre Rinse

6 temperatures

Water consumption in programme Auto 45-65°C – from 7 l depending on degree of soiling

ecoDry – Automatic end of cycle door opening for enhanced drying results.

hydroDry hygienic and efficient drying

dosageAssist detergent dispenser

Automatic detergent-aware system

hydroSensor, loadSensor

hydroMix glass care protection technology

hydroSafe – ultimate 24hr anti-leak system with guarantee





Chimney wall extractor


The Siemens Chimney wall extractors have an elegance and sophistication that can improve any kitchen. Some of the incredible features that are built into their extractors are climate control sensors, clean air re-circulating, state-of-the-art LED lighting and high-performance motors. With the perfect blend of intelligent performance and modern design, the Siemens Chimney extractors are both powerful and effective.


5 Ring Gas Hob


The Siemens 5 ring gas hob has a beautiful stainless-steel surface, dual flame system and a perfectly symmetrical design. The hobs boast instant heat, thanks to its gas heating, which can be precisely controlled to find your perfect temperature. Even when working with low heat, you still have the option of fine adjusting. The inner and outer flame rings can be adjusted via a single button for optimum wok cooking and complete control.




Siemens IQ700 Single Ovens


Siemens ovens are designed to be both incredibly intelligent and extremely convenient. They are built to help you as much as they possibly can, whether that’s through a self-cleaning function, 4D hot air, baking sensors, fast preheating or an electronic roasting system. Every function that has been added in has been put there to help make your cooking experience one of ease and relaxation. Taking as much stress out of the Sunday roast as possible, Siemens ovens help you to unwind and enjoy your time in the kitchen.



Siemens Steam Oven


More and more people are now choosing steam over dry-heat ovens thanks to their incredible cooking qualities. Steam cooking doesn’t dry out your food and actually retains more flavour, vitamins, minerals and nutrients. A healthier way of cooking, steaming works by simply boiling water within the ovens built-in reservoir, creating a cloud within the chamber which then covers the food. Siemens have developed top of the line steam cooking functions that are perfectly utilised within their modern and exquisite ovens. Thanks to their impressive technology, the owner can now sit back, relax and let the oven do its job. 




Siemens Coffee Machine


When it comes to coffee, Siemens understands how important it is to have the perfect cup at home. Not one to settle for just a good cup of coffee, their designers have done everything possible to ensure you can have bistro quality coffee at home. Thanks to its many different features, such as; an adaptive grinder, automatic temperature, steam blast and an easy-to-use app, meaning you can now control your coffee machine no matter where you are. Thanks to their outstanding machines, you can now enjoy top quality coffee from the comfort of your own home.




Siemens Combination Microwave


Siemens microwaves are perfectly designed for style and function. Not only do they have a modern and simplistic style, they are also packed full of incredible features which all help to make food preparation much easier. Both innovative and creative, their microwaves are made with only high-end materials to ensure a long lasting and durable product. A great fit for any modern kitchen, the Siemens combination microwaves easily surpass all expectations.